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Need Battery for trucks in Melbourne? 

Truck Battery Melbourne

We at Car Battery Experts are aware of how crucial your vehicle is to maintaining a consistent flow of income. In order to ensure that you resume normal operations as soon as possible when you require a truck battery in Melbourne, our crew goes above and beyond. Our service vans often arrive within 40 minutes of your call and are fully stocked with excellent truck batteries to accommodate every make and model, from Hino to Volvo. The truck batteries we offer are the strongest and best in the business. They are backed by an industry-leading countrywide warranty and can readily withstand the most difficult Australian road conditions.

Truck battery replacement Adelaide

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Replace your truck battery | Battery delivery installation | Delivery installation service 

First-in-class Mobile truck Battery Replacement in Melbourne – We come to you to supply and replacement of truck batteries in Melbourne Metro Area.

Whether you drive a  Mack, Scania, MAN, Volvo, Isuzu or a Kenworth, we provide heavy-duty commercial vehicle batteries. Our batteries are class leading in performance and dependability, we only use reputable brands such as Exide and Supercharge! We not only service trucks but also buses and light commercial vehicles. Car Battery Experts provide roadside services at the best prices and without any annual fees, our services that are second to none. When your truck is struggling to turn over, it matters not the hour, we have service vehicles mobile 7 days! Here at Car Battery Experts, we are revolutionising the industry one service at a time.

Truck battery Adelaide
Truck battery replacement Adelaide

Best-Known Truck Battery Melbourne Replacement Experts.

We at Car Battery Experts make sure you don’t end up stuck and concerned about how to get to your destination. Whether you have a Kenworth, Mack, Isuzu, Scania, Hino, DAF, or Western Star, we have all the necessary batteries in stock, so you can be confident that your battery will be changed quickly. You pay a single flat amount for the battery and the service required; there are no other costs or memberships included in our operation. When your truck breaks down, we’ll be there quickly to fix it and make sure everything is working smoothly.

How much does a battery truck replacement cost?

Truck battery pricing differs depending on the make and model of the truck requiring battery replacement. Our services are extremely competitive across Melbourne, our Battery Experts to show up quickly and get you back in action as soon as possible. Usually, this takes no more than an hour. You can contact our auto battery replacement service in Melbourne for your truck battery quote. Call us at to speak with our Car Battery Experts right away!

truck battery adelaide and truck batteries near me
Truck battery replacement Adelaide

Looking for Mobile Truck Battery Melbourne Experts - We Can Help!

For all of your demands regarding replacing a truck battery in Melbourne, we come to you for roadside Rescue, seven days a week. There is No call-out charge. No affiliations – Just Give us a Call Or Get a Free Quote.


Cost of truck batterie starts from $230 supplied and fitted depending upon your truck make and model.

A good truck battery should cost you, on average, between $200 and $300; but, if you drive a larger vehicle, you should be prepared to pay much more.

Most of the trucks that we see on road everyday are 24v system and usually have two 12v batteries connected in series. There are some truck with 4 batteries such as Frieghtliner, Kenworth, Mack and many more.

Small delivery trucks will have two decent size batteries that we use in our SUVs. HR and Semi trucks would take batteries N100,N120,N150,N200 and so on.

With all the modern technology in the trucks, latest model trucks take EFB technology batteries that are built to perform where enormous amps are needed. Calcium batteries would do the job in trucks that are built in earlier years.

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Why do I Need To Change My Truck Battery in Melbourne?

A truck battery in Melbourne is often taken for granted until it stops functioning. At best, a dead battery can be inconvenient; at worst, it could leave you stuck in the middle of nowhere. Hence, it’s crucial to understand when to change your truck battery in Melbourne.

It’s critical to keep an eye out for warning indications when your truck battery in Melbourne will no longer be able to start the engine. Some avoidable human errors like keeping the lights on overnight and draining the battery might result in dead batteries. You can acquire a jump start to help start your car and recharge the battery in the circumstances like this.

Other issues, though, can be a sign that your truck battery in Melbourne is nearing the end of its usable life and needs to be changed.

What Leads To a Dead Truck Battery in Melbourne

Poor battery performance, user error, or an electrical system problem can all cause batteries to fail. Here are a few of the most frequent issues resulting in a dead battery.
  • Over time, your battery may become less effective in extremely hot and cold climates.
  • Battery drain can occur when interior or external lights are left on.
  • The charging system may find it difficult or impossible to continue supplying electricity if the battery connections are poor or corroded.
  • A weak truck battery can quickly drain even with infrequent use of electricity, like a clock.
  • Leaving the glove compartment light or other gadgets on can result in a parasitic drain.

What Are The Signs That You Need A New Truck Battery in Melbourne?

Truck Sitting Idle for Too Long

Numerous factors will affect battery life, a large part of which deals with how frequently you drive your truck. The truck battery charges while you are driving. Hence, the truck battery used often will likely survive longer than the one parked for extended periods.

Foul Smell

Your battery likely has a problem if you smell sulfuric or a “rotten-egg” smell coming from it. It would help if you investigated probable reasons and solutions.

Truck Takes Ages to Start

When your truck’s engine starts to turn over more slowly, that’s a sign that the truck battery in Melbourne is beginning to deteriorate. Another indication that your truck battery may deteriorate is if the lights on your dashboard dim or flicker when starting the truck.

It’s time for a new truck battery in Melbourne if you experience these symptoms. By taking your truck to a qualified mechanic or an auto parts store, you can be sure whether or not your truck battery is dead.

Additionally, you can contact truck battery replacement experts for assistance with changing a dead battery. In most cases, the battery can be entirely dead. You can also leverage our mobile battery replacement services to avoid the inconvenience of tow trucks, mechanics, upsells, and waiting rooms.

Have your truck battery in Melbourne fitted and delivered to your house or place of business.

The term “registering a battery” refers to registering a battery to inform the ECM that a fresh one has been placed. This facilitates the BMS’s ability to reprogramme the charging rate and battery capacity.

If your truck battery is being drained after it sit for a day or two following could be the causes- Bad battery – Get your batteries check from professional Parasitic drain – If your batteries passed load test then you need to check your truck for parasitic drain which is common issue. Solution – Get an Isolator installed on truck and make sure to switch it on when truck is not in use.

You need to check whether your truck is 12v or 24v system. Best course of action in this situation is to contact professionals as this can be dangerous if not done right.

You require tools and knowledge when it comes to truck battery replacement. If you not sure about anything please consult professionals as changing truck batteries can be a complex process.

It is Advised to consult professionals when it comes to jump starting Truck. We will be posting video with details on how to jump start a truck.

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