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Marine & Boat Batteries

Marine Batteries Melbourne

Car Battery Experts are also your local Marine Battery Experts in Melbourne, whether you urgently need a marine starting battery or upgrade your set up to Lithium deep cycle batteries, we have you covered across Melbourne! Fast marine battery delivery 7 days a week anywhere across Melbourne, home or even the boat ramp!

Exide marine dual purpose battery

Best Marine Batteries

No matter the size of your marine craft or boat, we have the right battery to suit, jet ski to inboard engines to outboard motors. We also use brands you have come to trust, Exide, Supercharge and Amp-Tech to name a few. All with outstanding warranties and complete national support, we supply and deliver highly durable marine batteries to you, looking for the best batteries and service in Melbourne? give us a call. 

Marine Battery Prices

The pricing of your new marine or boat batteries depends on a few factors, this can include the number of batteries your boat requires, the location and environment and which battery type suits your set up best. From flooded maintainable batteries to AGM and Lithium, we have a complete range and always low competitive pricing which includes delivery and installation. If you are looking for great prices and service, call our team today about a quote for your new marine batteries.

Marine Starting Batteries

Marine starting batteries, also known as a marine cranking battery is a type of battery designed specifically for starting boat engines. It provides a high burst of power for a short period to crank the engine and start it. Marine starting batteries are built to withstand the harsh marine environment, including vibration, moisture, and corrosion. It works in a similar way to a vehicle starting battery, simply delivering a large burst of current to start the engine, however the internal construction of marine batteries differs due to operational environment.

Marine Deep Cycle Batteries

Marine deep cycle batteries are a type of battery commonly used in marine applications to power onboard accessories and provide a steady flow of power over an extended period. Unlike marine starting batteries that are designed for short bursts of high power, deep cycle batteries are built to deliver sustained power at a lower amperage over a longer duration. When choosing a marine deep cycle battery, consider factors such as the power requirements of your onboard accessories, the available space on your boat or marine craft, and the expected usage patterns. It’s crucial to select a battery or batteries that matches your specific needs and ensures reliable power for your marine applications. You can discuss this with one of our team, we can assist you in which battery type suits your power requirements, budget and space available onboard your boat.

ATLS12-300 lithium deep cycle battery

Tips For Marine Battery Maintenance

When not in use, your boat or marine batteries are an expensive asset, here are some basic tips to ensure you the get most from them.

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Call us at this number: 0468412641. For all emergency battery services in Melbourne, our Marine & Boating battery specialists come to you.

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