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Stop-Start Car Battery Replacement

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What is Idle Stop-Start

Car Battery Experts are your local mobile battery replacement service in Melbourne, when your stop start vehicle needs a battery replaced, call the experts! So, why does your vehicle need a different battery? let us explain below.

Idle stop-start (ISS) is an automotive technology that automatically shuts off the engine of a vehicle when it comes to a stop, such as at a traffic light, and then restarts it when the driver releases the brake pedal. The primary goal of idle stop-start is to reduce fuel consumption and emissions by minimising the amount of time that a vehicle’s engine idles.

When the vehicle is brought to a stop, the engine is automatically shut down to conserve fuel. The engine is then restarted when the driver takes their foot off the brake pedal and begins to accelerate. Idle stop-start technology typically relies on a sophisticated system of sensors and controllers to monitor various vehicle parameters and determine when it is appropriate to shut down and restart the engine.

Idle stop-start technology is becoming increasingly common in modern passenger vehicles, the benefits of this technology include reduced fuel consumption, lower emissions, and quieter operation.

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Do Stop-Start Vehicles Require Different Batteries?

Yes, some idle stop-start vehicles use batteries that are designed specifically to handle the increased demands of this technology.

Idle stop-start systems require a battery that is capable of handling frequent charge and discharge cycles, as well as the increased load that occurs when the engine is restarted. This is because the battery must not only power the vehicle’s electrical systems while the engine is off but also restart the engine quickly and reliably every time the driver releases the brake pedal.

To meet these demands, car manufacturers use batteries with specialised features such as absorbent glass mat (AGM) technology, which is designed to handle frequent deep cycling and provide superior cranking power. Other car manufacturers may use lithium-ion batteries, which are lighter and more compact than traditional lead-acid batteries and can provide higher power output, however, these are still rarely used for starting purposes.

Not all idle stop-start vehicles use specialised batteries like the AGM, and many older Idle Stop-Start vehicles use an enhanced conventional lead-acid battery. In these cases, the battery may have a slightly higher capacity or other design features to help it handle the additional demands of the idle stop-start system. These batteries are often referred to as Enhanced Flooded Battery (EFB). Enhanced Flooded Batteries should not be confused or used in exchange with AGM batteries, though they share similar benefits, they do not possess the durability to replace AGM batteries. 

What Are Stop-Start AGM Batteries?

Stop-start AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) batteries are a type of advanced lead-acid battery designed specifically for use in vehicles with stop-start systems. AGM batteries have a unique construction that uses a glass mat separator to hold the battery’s electrolyte in place, rather than allowing it to slosh around like in a traditional flooded lead-acid battery.

The design of AGM batteries makes them better suited for use in stop-start systems, as they can handle the high-frequency cycling required by these systems without experiencing significant degradation in performance. Additionally, AGM batteries typically have a higher energy density than traditional lead-acid batteries, which allows them to provide more power in a smaller package.

Stop-start AGM batteries also have a longer lifespan than traditional lead-acid batteries, and can often last two to three times longer than flooded batteries in stop-start applications. This is due in part to their robust construction, which is better able to withstand the mechanical stresses of frequent cycling. This is why AGM Stop-Start batteries are used in vehicles with exceptionally high performance loads, such as luxury vehicles.

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What Are EFB Stop-Start Batteries?

Stop-start EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery) batteries are a type of lead-acid battery that are designed specifically for use in vehicles with stop-start systems. EFB batteries are an upgraded version of traditional flooded lead-acid batteries, and are designed to handle the increased demands of stop-start systems.

Stop-start EFB batteries use a carbon additive in the negative plates of the battery, which helps to reduce sulfation and increase the battery’s lifespan. They also have a more robust design with thicker plates and a better ability to handle deep discharge cycles. These features make EFB batteries better suited for the high-frequency cycling required by stop-start systems.

Stop-start EFB batteries are typically less expensive than AGM batteries, which are another type of advanced lead-acid battery used in stop-start systems. However, they are also considered to be less advanced than AGM batteries, and do not provide the same level of performance or lifespan. EFB batteries are often used in entry level Stop-Start technology vehicles.

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Which Brands Of Car Use Stop-Start Technology?

Almost all car manufacturers now have models with the technology present, all European car manufacturers have Stop-Start technology, and almost all require the more durable and high performance AGM style stop-start battery. On the other side, the Japanese car manufacturers also use Stop-Start technology in most of their model vehicles, primarily in the higher end variants of each car model. These vehicles use a mix of EFB and AGM batteries. See a full list below and links to each model and its replacement battery type and average cost. 

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