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Reliable Roadside Assistance Melbourne

We understand that it is frustrating when you are stranded at the side of the road or if you are unable to get your car to move out of the drive way. With the Car Battery Experts, you can be sure that you are back on the road in no time. We help several thousands of Melbournians get back on the road each year 24 hours and 7 days a week. 

24 Hour Roadside Assistance

If your car has broken down or isn’t starting, then you have nothing to worry about. Car Battery Experts are there to help you with every need of yours.

We will help you jumpstart your car or 4WD and ensure that the battery is replaced if required. Apart from this, we are there to change or replace your flat tyre, help get your keys out of a locked car and much more.

We have many years of experience when it comes to helping Melbournians get out of tough roadside situations, our experience and knowledgeable roadside service technicians are there to help you get your car working like always.

If you need our help with any of the above situations then you can call us, the Car Battery Experts, at 0468 412 641.

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Roadside Assistance Services

When it comes to roadside scenarios, we can help you with all sorts of issues that come in your way. Some of the roadside scenarios are:

  • 1. The Car Does Not Start: When you get in the car and turn on the ignition, there is a clicking sound and the car won’t budge. Just connect with Car Battery Experts and we will have your working in no time. This is once the service vans are dispatched within minutes to get your car up and running in an hour’s time.
  • 2. Your Car has a Flat Tyre: You might have been driving to work and all of a sudden you drive over a nail and the tyre is punctured. Most times, you would be stuck on a busy main road or a suburban side street. Alternatively, if you park it overnight, there is a chance of it getting vandalised. Don’t worry, the Car Battery Experts are here to help you on your journey.
  • 3. If your car has run out of petrol: There are times when you might have run out of petrol and you are running late to a meeting or to work. In case, your car halts after spluttering and stopping, you should just call us, the Car Battery Experts, to your rescue.
  • 4. The car had its lights on all night: In most older model cars if you leave your lights on then you will have no battery by the next day. This is where the Car Battery Experts can come and jumpstart your car and have it moving again. We also provide roadside battery replacements to those cars that need a brand new battery and help your car get back on the road and moving again.
  • 5. You have locked your keys in the car: It can be quite terrible when you have put the keys in the ignition and closed the door. In such cases, do not stress about it as the Car Battery Experts will be there in a flash to ensure that you get your keys and you are out of a tricky situation.